Why Should I Care About Lowering My Toxin Load?

For a long time, I did, and ate whatever the heck I wanted.

To me.. there was no mental correlation between the foods I ate / products I used and the terrible acne on my skin (hello hormone & antibiotic filled meat and dairy). There was no existing correlation between my terrible sleep patterns, and my utter inability to feel rested. And there was certainly no possible correlation between my alcohol consumption and my recurring headaches.

The funny thing is, whether I realized it or not... these correlations blatantly existed and they seriously impacted my daily life.

On the other side of a toxin overloaded season (which by the way looked super normal - standard American stuff), I can see so clearly the small choices that I could have made to support my systems better and live a healthier, more fulfilled life. To be clear, toxins are inevitable. Whether they‘re consumed in foods or found environmentally, our world is full of them. And I know none of us are going to throw out our iPhones tomorrow or get rid of WiFi to avoid the electromagnetic field toxins coming at us. The goal here is to simply lower our toxin load as much as possible.

What took me a decade to understand about real health, research to find proven methods, and truly learn by going to nutrition school, I hope to share with you in simple terms here on my little corner of the Internet. I’m fully aware that this field, and this topic can be overwhelming. Everyone wants to get healthy, and no one knows where to start.

My passion is to do the research, do the vetting, and share the best of the best to keep taking steps toward better health.

Let me be your guide, let’s learn together, let’s keep pushing the needle forward towards true health. We’ll celebrate both the little choices like choosing a healthier toothpaste and the big choices like cutting out dairy or meat. Each decision helps lower our toxin load and that’s always a huge deal. But one thing’s for sure, we need to live in community championing and encouraging each other to succeed. The world by in large is not advocating for cleaner or natural living. The noise is loud, the marketing is deceptive, and the distractions are many. I can’t wait to join you on this journey as we all find the cleanest possible versions of ourselves. Let’s do this 👏🏼

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