My Mission

 My passion is helping people find mental, emotional, and physical healing through nature and it's farmacy (herbs and plant based nutrients). I believe there is a MUCH needed space to treat stress, anxiety, depression and other physical challenges without pharmaceutical medications that can certainly help where needed (but have a risk of dependency and potentially throw off natural hormone balance). Your body knows what to do, it knows how to thrive. We simply need to create the environment for it to realign and do its God given job - heal.

America has an obesity, mental health, heart disease and chronic condition crisis. And it's likely not your fault if you fall into one of these camps. You've been led astray from what it means to pursue health by modern conveniences and marketing schemes. Something needs to change and we have worldwide longevity studies to know exactly what to do. We just need to do it. I partner education with support to help you thrive physically and emotionally so you can lean into your God given purpose.

My approach is multi faceted. But my mission is simple: to help others find TRUE health and experience a life they love.

My goal is to help people create lives they can live the fullest (John 10:10). We were made to have freedom physically mentally and emotionally which allows us to live out our purpose. Together we can reduce the chronic inflammation... Reduce stress, anxiety and its impacts physically... Reduce brain fog and get your mind back. We will work together to meet your goals. Whether it is simply to lose the extra weight or find healing from anxiety or past trauma, we will get to the root.


Rachael Colvin Manning, BS, NTP

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner