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Blue Light Buddy Glasses

Blue Light Buddy Glasses

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The electronic devices we use throughout the day emit HEV blue light. This amount of blue light exposure has many negative effects on the body.. eye strain, headaches, sleeplessness, poor quality sleep, & depression to name a few.

Ready for some fun facts?

  • People whose melatonin levels are suppressed (cue blue light exposure) & internal clocks are thrown off (again blue light) are more prone to depression
  • By disrupting melatonin and sleep, smart phone / TV / computer light can also mess with the hormones, that control hunger, increasing the risk of overeating.
  • Disruption to your sleep schedule can leave you distracted and impaired memory the next day
  • Not getting enough sleep can lead to neurotoxin build up that makes it even harder to get good sleep

I‘ll spare you of more facts and details but the bottom line is, blocking blue light is really important and really easy. Plus, who doesn’t love another accessory? If we’re gonna block harmful light, we might as well look cute doing it. These glasses come in for a different color options.

Pair them with our vegan glasses case and you’re ready to safely scroll (clarifying: I’m NOT actually encouraging more screen time, at all. But you knew that)

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